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Agustin Lanus Wines Lead Sponsor of Cafayate Abierto

Agustin Lanus Wines is pleased to be the lead sponsor for the most important golf tournament in Northern Argentina, the annual Abierto, this year being held Nov 1 and 2 at La Estancia de Cafayate.


SUNAL Extreme Altitude Wines was pleased to host the first ever professional golf tournament at La Estancia de Cafayate, attended by 15 of Argentina's top professional golfers.


A great wine that I met this year and with which, I agree, there is a particular attraction. It is 100% Malbec but from different terroirs of northern Argentina, all well above 2000 meters high. The result is pure intensity, an overwhelming mouth and a lot of freshness despite its almost 15 degrees of alcohol. It is not easy to get, but it is worth the attempt at a very rational price.


Bad Brothers Wines and the Bad Brothers Wine Experience were prominently featured in "EatSipTrip" that is part of the USA Today 10 Best network. Here's a quote: "It’s also home to a handful of modernized tasting outposts, such as Bad Brothers – part winery, part art gallery, adjoining one of the area’s most inventive eateries. A collaboration of two friends spanning the Americas, the genre-bending blends here defy easy categorization. The MaTaCa, for example, unites Malbec with Tannat and Cabernet. It’s big, yet entirely approachable; peppery while simultaneously smooth. It’s a unique drinking experience from start to finish. Pair it with the restaurant’s full-flavored small plates, taking inspiration from modern gastropubs: truffle oil mac n’ cheese and locally focused charcuterie."

Los Amaicha and Agustin Lanus featured in La Nacion

“The construction of Los Amaichas was made by the same community with materials extracted from the area, following ancestral architectural concepts (such as stone paving that forms its walls, circular layout, low elevation), combining the traditions of the original peoples with A modern technology, "resulting in high-end wine," explains Agustín Lanús, an agronomist with a master's degree in viticulture and oenology, who is currently working on the project.”

Wine Enthusiast: Best Wines Destinations 2017

Bad Brothers named “Where to Dine” in Wine Enthusiast’s “Best Wine Destinations 2017”

Bad Brothers in Departures Magazine “A Wine Lover’s Guide to Cafayate, Argentina”

“In November 2016, Bad Brothers Wine Experience opened in a restored adobe house just off the main plaza in Cafayate. Sophisticated in scope but relaxed in setting, this wine bar offers the chance to taste 14 different Bad Brothers wines (options from other boutique producers in the Calchaquí Valley are off menu and available by special request)”

Bad Brothers in Goats On The Road “It’s All About the Wine”

“Entering into the building, we immediately knew we were going to have an awesome evening. Chefs were passionately prepping food in the kitchen, while the servers were chatting with each other and greeting guests. There was a great buzz in the air. The open air restaurant is around 150 years old, but the building has undergone some tasteful restoration. The lighting was perfectly dim, which added to the cool, sultry atmosphere.”

Bad Brothers in La Nacion

“Bad Brothers: incredible place in downtown Cafayate where local chef Walter Michel prepares a duo of empanadas; One, delicious, fried, quinoa with goat's cheese, dried tomatoes and green onion; The other, from dough to the clay oven with entrails cut with a knife, onion, morrón and verdeo. The wines Sunal Agustín Lanus accompany the proposal.

Bad Brothers in Fondo de Olla

“Welcome to this new option of quality, in a village that has everything, many wines and meals that leave us satisfied and happy.”

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