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Identifying micro-terroirs from extreme altitudes of over 2,200 m.a.s.l. with optimal growing conditions is a search that has consumed winemaker Agustin Lanus for over a decade.

At this writing, Agustin and team are making premium wines from vineyards located in extreme altitude micro-terroirs located in three of the Argentine provinces which touch the Calchaqui Valley: Salta, Catamarca and Tucuman.

At Agustin Lanus Wines we believe the quality of the wines produced are worth the extraordinary effort and risk of producing wines from the limits of what is possible.

The Agustin Lanus Extreme Altitude Wines Portfolio Now Available!

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Our Iconic Extreme Altitude Malbec, crafted from four different extreme altitude Calchaqui Valley terroirs, aged one year in neutral French oak barrels, then another year in new French oak barrels.

SUNAL Salvaje Malbec, 2018

Big, bold, fresh, with the taste of a remarkable extreme altitude single vineyard (without any kind of addition beside the minimum sulphite in the crushing) uninfluenced by wood, fermented with indigenous yeast.

SUNAL Ilógico Malbec, 2017

Our popular Extreme Altitude Malbec is priced to offer a great value for wine lovers.

Ilogico Criolla, 2018

Argentina’s original wine, from grapes first introduced by the Spanish Conquistadors, tended by small family farmers located in remote extreme altitude terroirs. Clean, elegant, fresh - a great alternative to a white wine on a warm summer day.

AGUAYO Malbec, 2017

A collaboration between Agustin Lanus and award winning Chilean winemaker Stefano Gandolini, Aguayo was the first iconic wine made in Catamarca province by Hualfin denomination ? it's a classic full-bodied wine from vineyards over 2,100 msnm.


A unique Malbec made in a collaboration between Agustin Lanus and the Los Amaichas community of indigenous peoples from forty small family owned vineyards (¼ to 1 hectare) in Tucuman province, Argentina.

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Due to the challenges of making wine at extreme altitudes, all of our vintages are very limited. To learn more and to order, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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